Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Security theater

I haven’t flown in years, but I dread having my "good china" peered at through some dopey x-ray machine that some company cleaned up inventing and doing all sorts of make-work things like removing shoes (uh, underwear was the last hiding place—thus the neato x-ray?).


Does any of this do anything? There is a documentary out called Please Remove Your Shoes.

It describes all this as “security theater,” designed to make you feel protected. And to scare bad guys from trying anything. But it costs $8 billion—is it worth it?

The "experts" say the wiring on this last device was so subtle, it might not be seen on x-ray, so trying to x-ray all cargo is a huge, expensive, and possibly futile deal.

Couldn’t we get a marshal on every plane or something? The bomb-sniffing archways and nosy x-rays, I just don’t know.

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