Friday, November 26, 2010

Some companies courting tech types

Wouldn’t you love to have someone fighting for your favor in this job market?

Well, if you are a computer genius, they might.

Jessica Guyunn, LA TIMES, writes that Silicon Valley is throwing money at top talent.

Google gave all its employees a 10% raise.

If you can write software, you’re golden.

The little scamps are stealing talent from each other, poaching, enticing, rewarding, peeling grapes.

Facebook, the upstart, is really twitting (not tweeting) Google.

Google is responding by making their workplaces cushy.

Then, wouldn’t you know, along comes some unknown such as Zynga Game Network, to glom onto Facebook and Google people. The brats!

Speaking of b-words—bubble—anyone remember that one?

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