Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tried not to be grumpy about DOWNSIZED

I hate it when people try to tell me even more ways I could save money—get rid of my pets, let my kid use my landland phone (we don’t have cells), etc. I am already pretty darn cheap.

Anyhow, I watched the WE Channel’s show on economizing called DOWNSIZED—Saturday night, if you are interested. (Yes, I still have some cable left, basic.)

This is a blended family—7 HS age kids. They didn’t get along at school, then Mom hooked up with Dad, then a contractor making more than a million a year, and the kids had to get along.

Of course, when The Troubles hit, Dad’s construction business flopped. In the first episode they are chasing the last $300 of their $1700 rent. They live in a very tony part of Phoenix and there is a Mercedes in the driveway. Mom has Chanel earrings on and a rock on her finger.

Their other two houses were foreclosed. Yet the furniture looks new. They shop at Albertson’s—one of the most expensive chains here.

The mother has an MBA and teaches grade school for what she considers to be a trifling salary of $40,000 (“basically volunteer,” she says disdainfully).

So—this is not a typical family in any way. Not. Not. The comments on WE are pretty angry about this. I think it’s scripted by some H’wood dope who thinks, gee, maybe the older kids could dumpster dive.

As for Dad, he takes the sofa change to Coinstar, which anyone sane could have told him charges vig of 10%.

Watch at your own risk—and that of your blood pressure.

My daughter laughed. “They have the show, Mom—plenty of money now.”

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