Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Try not to get labeled as overqualified

Megan Neighbor (CareerBuilder) says employers can find some very loyal and skilled employees these days—and should not be so afraid they will leave immediately.

Many employers, as a matter o fact, like to fill even entry-level positions with experienced people.

Yet, some fear not being able to get someone at entry-level pay. They may offer a prompt evaluation and possible upgrade. Consider that.

So see how the land lies. One expert says apply for jobs near your home. Some employers don’t want people too far away.

Try to apply your skill set to the requirements—often a computer is checking. Repeat keywords in your letter.

Put a technology section in your resume—programs you know, social networking you can do.

If you have stayed at a job for years in the past, emphasize your stability.

I read an essay about how Americans like to work more than Europeans—even if they don’t need the money. That was interesting. We do need the money now—so be ready to work!

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