Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Uh uh uh--or are workplace romances OK?

Brittany Watts, AZ Republic, Nov 28, 2010, says dating coach Joann Cohen says workplace romances should be avoided, but do happen.

Good grief, be honest, hasn’t everyone tried this?

She recommends checking the Employee Handbook first—some companies forbid it. Oh, you’re no fun! Be sure to check sexual harassment sections—now you are REALLY no fun.

Communicate with each other—how will this affect your working life?

Be discreet—no big liplocks in the hall. Watch flirty emails, long lunches, same rooms on business trips.

Don’t date a direct report. Very bad form.

Be sure the person is not a different person outside the office. Your squeeze could be oozing charm at work and just oozing outside of work.

Try to keep work and private life separate.

I can report that this does not always work out fabulously. You may not find that in the Employee Handbook. People tend to remember things a long time.

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