Friday, November 12, 2010

Weasels never rest

Everyday of the week, more than once, some dude thinks he or she is entitled to take my money, what there is of it, if I am stupid enough to hand it over.

The Postal Service has issued a sort of useful brochure on fraud, even though only 2%of ID fraud happens in the mail.

My advice is ASSUME EVERYTHING IS A HUGE GYP and go from there. (Did you know you are not supposed to say “gyp,” which comes from gypsy, which the Rom don’t like equated with fraud.)

Anyhow, how can you tell if an offer or approach is fraudulent? Does it sound too good to be true?

Does it say “act right away”?

Does it guarantee success? High returns?

Does it require postage be paid or some other payment for a “free” item?

Is someone asking you to “receive” payments, deposit them, and send them the difference?

Also—you do know foreign lotteries are illegal here, right? You can’t win them?

Never click on an url in an email—enter it in your browser if you must.

There are no legitimate jobs that involve reshipping from your home!

And never EVER send some bank your financial details so they can update anything. Update my butt! I even got a call on the phone like this—sit on a tack, dopey!

Why should some gal, who is probably a Russian kid in his pyjamas anyhow, leave you her dead husband’s fortune? Why you?


chuck galle said...

Yeah - if someone says it's unbelievable that's probably the truth!

Star Lawrence said...

The one I alays liked was $2 an envelope to stuff in contents...There are companies called mail houses that do this for a fraction of a penny--machines. And it's insert, not stuff.