Wednesday, December 22, 2010

About that promotion--watch out

You know me by now—I am not afraid to be a big buzzkill.

Anita Bruzzese (Gannett) says don’t be too quick to accept a promotion.

For one thing, you may be ill-suited and it could screw up your career.

This is especially true if you move from worker bee to management.

Good workers or technical people can be lousy managers.

Find out EXACTLY what the job entails. Ask, “Why me?” If they are not specific—“We really liked how you planned the computer conversion and everyone cooperated with you,” then question it.

Find out what tools to learn leadership might be available—a mentor, a webinar, a book, a course at a local college.

Network with people in a similar position.

Don’t be afraid to pass. Passing might show, ironically, that you are mature enough to have done it. Maybe next time.

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