Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Affordable water looking for a backer

Water, water…you know the poem. Well, there could be a drop to drink.

Those four youngsters recently rescued from 50 days on a raft, people in Haiti, and pretty soon, just about all of us will need to drink the ocean.

By 2050, half the world’s population will face a water shortage.

An acquaintance of mine has invented a portable desalination system currently selling for $99—which he hopes to reduce in cost to ten bucks when it gets going.

But no one seems interested. Are you? Or have you thought of pursuing a great invention or idea now during "The Troubles" and have ideas for this?

Sea Panels are perfect not only for third-world countries, but travelers, boat equipment, the military, emergency kits and anyone who wants a way to make sea water or contaminated water potable.

Conventional desalination is delicate—the dissolved crud like arsenic and chlorine can damage the membranes used.

Sea Panels are easy. They are impervious to fouling, have nothing to wear out or replace. The thing is 100% solar.

Plus Sea Panel water is up to 10 times purer than tap.

What’s not to like? Know anyone who is thirsty for a great idea—a life changer? A life saver?

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Come on—you must know someone! Or have some ideas.

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