Monday, December 20, 2010

Corporate tone

Just like when you meet a person, when you experience an organization, you will get a vibe.

The office will be chattery and active or silent and hushed. You will feel comfortable—or not.

The longest “real” job I had was with a very conservative trade association—suits for women and men (although unlike the UBS thing below, we could wear new shoes to work).

I remember hiring a woman, an artist, who had not yet gotten a SS number—this was before babies got them. My boss was scandalized! No SS number—OMG!

I saw Facebook’s offices on 60 Minutes—that weird, expressionless Mark guy had an office right out on the floor amongst the non-billionaires. Big signs on the wall instructed people to HACK—which means lash together neat apps or something, not break into servers.

Me, if I worked there, HACK would mean bad writer. Not so much on that one.

Try to find out if a place is top-down or teamy.They all say they like team-work, but not all show it in action. Sometimes the team leader sets the agenda, assigns, and the rest of the team is just the blame pool.

Is the place paternal—can bosses hand out perks and raises or is there a procedure.


This is especially important at Christmas Party time—even at a Party, don’t let your hair down too far. It’s still an office function.

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