Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Freaky, dude

I saw someplace where the hottest thing this Christmas is going to the store, finding an item, then calling up a phone app to find it cheaper and ordering it from someplace else while you are standing in the first store.

Way too hip for this kid.

Then, I realized, I comparison shop, too—eBay first, then Amazon, then Google…then maybe buy or not.

The only diff is the cell phone—I don’t have one.

Now, I learn that my pals at DirecTV are going to “pioneer” sending me ads crafted to my demographic.

What is my demographic…Belligerent oldster, fat, dyes hair, loves animals, humorist…What are they going to sell me or THINK they can sell me… DEPENDS with funny cartoons on them? They don't draw cartoons funny enough.

I remember looking for a desk chair a while back—and every site I went to had desk chair ads. At first, I thought, my, how handy, then I “got” it. They were following me.

Well, I got the chair—and free—so you’re wasting your time, chairfolk, and I am getting damn tired of those chairs.

How do you feel about this stuff?


Star Lawrence said...

This was so cute, I had to pass it on.


Chuck Galle said...

Seems to me it's fair play - they've been gaming us electronically for years now, there's a nice irony to comparing prices from within the vendor's shop.