Monday, December 27, 2010

How to screw yourself up

Anthony Balderama, CareerBuilder, says job interviewers are like first dates—both sides want to create a certain impression.

Wear a nice outfit, groom yourself—like you could on a date. Then, avoid the following.

Don’t arrive too early. Often you will see more than one person. This has been choreographed. Arriving 45 mins early is as bad as 45 mins late.

Don’t let your desperation show. I always remember I am saying what I can do for the client—not what the client can do for me (hire me and give me money).

Don’t overdo the followup into stalking country. A paper thank you is fine. Maybe one email followup a few weeks later.

Don’t talk trash about anyone, much less the previous (snotbag) employer who canned you. They will just wonder what you would say about them.

If you seem to have no goals, they will wonder if you can pursue the company’s goals, which they will call the mission.

Can you think of more, readers?

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