Monday, December 13, 2010

More cents than sense

Guess people somewhere still have income and disposable. Gwendolyn Bounds,WSJ,Dec 8, writes about “me-tailing,” getting stupid crap that is about yourself.

How about a bobblehead doll that looks like you? Or personalized M&Ms.

Maybe a portrait of your DNA suitable for framing. That one is $440.

Can’t you see putting that on your wall, a date coming over, studying it, then running out of the apartment?

You know how my mind works.

At, you can get a yoga mat with your picture on it—maybe during the downward facing dog, you can kiss yourself.

You can get Nikes that are custom-made.

Or how about a wall-sized vinyl reproduction of a phone pix?

That could get interesting.

Did you know the Barbie with the camera and little screen on the back may be investigated by the FBI as a way to make doll porn?

Surprise—you don’t need that. I knew a guy years ago who posed Barbies and shot them with a Brownie.

If you don’t know what a Brownie is, I am sorry for you.

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