Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Need a new something or other?

My desk chair got all weird—it kept slamming down a foot without warning and then lost a wheel—but the slamming down thing was the worst—I would get so much adrenaline, I would be choking on it.

A pal reminded me of Freecycle…the national giveaway deal with many local chapters.

I was on it once before and remembered it having a bunch of rules, but if you power through those, it can be fun!

I got an almost new, much nicer chair probably worth $150 or more within 15 minutes.


Some stuff is weird—would you drive 10 miles to get a Walmart coupon?

In a recent daily listing, though, I saw PDAs, a computer desk, a Camcorder, a VCR, a TV—pretty decent stuff.

These are snapped up fast—it helps to sort of sit on your computer like I do.

Go to freecycle.org, But be ready to do an OFFER of something before you request an item.

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