Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh, no, broke people eat fewer veggies

David Wessel, Dec 28, 2010, says now the national nannies are worried that broke, unemployed people won’t buy and eat their veggies.

One percent increase in unemployment equals 2-3% decrease in produce consumption.

And an 8% reduction in salad consumption!

The researchers could not pinpoint the reason for this. A trip to the produce dept would have done it—bananas are 80 cents each.

Some other stunners? The more hours people work and the higher their wages, the more they smoke.

Hint: Could also be a cost element there…Stress + money.

During good times there are more fatal auto accidents (can afford cars and gas?) and more deaths from disease (can get a diagnosis), but fewer suicides (well, being down and out can make you suicidal).

Also not surprising: Mortality rates increase in the year following a layoff for high seniority workers.

Well, those would be the ones who never expected to be let go, cannot find another comparably paying job, and are probably older with more physical problems.

Most of these are fodder for The Big Book of Duh, if you ask me, which you didn’t.

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