Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh, noble fir

I don’t know what a Holidash is, but there was an article by Katie Kretschmer on something called on choosing a Christmas tree.

At our house, we go in the garage and pull the little runt off the shelf.

But I remember a time when I bought live trees and replanted them in the yard—one got to be 15 feet and recently croaked.

But I digress.

The freshest tree probably comes from nearby. You can even cut your own for some big fee.

The Douglas fir usually is not local—but people love it. A classic.

Avoid buying a tree that’s trussed up—you can’t tell what the heck it looks like.

As for watering and those rickety little pans that clamp around the bottom—why don’t they invent something better?

Oh—they have! The garage model.


srdem65 said...

Oh, yes. The last time I bought a "real" tree the needles started falling off as I was hanging the lights. Scared me silly imagining a hugh fire in the corner of my living room.
Now, I go to the storage, grab the tree by the bottom, plunk it down on the table, take off the plastic and plug it in. Instant tree.
Ho,ho, ho.

Chuck Galle said...

Star, you've touched on all points. I no longer "celebrate" Christmas; as a devout agnostic (atheist if you prefer, but who's quibbling?) I resent the commercial attempts at de-Christianizing this religious holiday, especially with the ludicrous claims that it is now an "American" holiday. Howsomever, my family once celebrated it, to engender the "spirit" of the times, and there were no non-real trees 'way back then. My Dad and I would cut off a branch here or there, whittle the cut end into a point, drill an appropriate sized hole elsewhere and insert the cut end in, then tie it in several places to keep it sturdy, while Mom looked on and directed the operation so the tree came out perfectly balanced. Them wuz the good ole days!

Star Lawrence said...

You have plastic on yours, SR DEM? Very upscale.

As for celebrating, Chuck, I love Christmas. I think of that hard ride on that donkey, so pregnant, the smelly stable warmed by the animals all breathing (all my best stuff has animals). The weird star hovering, the magicians turning up all bejeweled. I just like it. It does create wonder in me. Sometimes I need some wonder.

Years ago, I knew an Austrian woman, Ingrid. She had a Christmas Eve party and put lighted candles on the tree for a few moments--so I got to see that once.

Star Lawrence said...

So cute...