Friday, December 10, 2010

Poor, yes, but trendy always

Christina Binkley ( WSJ, Dec 9, 2010) says you will be seeing a lot of pink next year.

Pantone—the ink matching company—declares a color du jour and next year, it’s HONEYSUCKLE PINK!

The company asks a bunch of designers around the world to forecast a color and then picks one. Of course, this is a color the designers have been seeing already.

This one is retro, old-time lipstick, hot summer afternoons, garden parties.

Of course, honeysuckle can be white or yellow, but why quibble. Quibble…what a great word.They should do a Word of 2011.

Pink, one guy said, is optimistic.

The idea, another said, is for someone to stop in his or her tracks and say, “Neat color, I need those plates.”

Also, the 2011 products are already being manufactured. 2011 is in two weeks.

Oh, well, chance for a press release. And now you, you poor reader, will think of this every time you see adorable plates in the shade formerly known as bubble gum.

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