Friday, December 3, 2010

Reach out and touch someone--28 times

Now, from Deliver Magazine (Post Office mag about direct response), comes a play on the old marketing advice that someone has to hear your name seven times before it sinks in.

With today’s media spew, this apparently has turned into 28 times!

Isn’t this stalking almost?

Of course, they are talking about direct mail and advertising, but could a variation on this apply in the case of job hunting or being recruited for a new job?

Check our, a Sacramento co.

You need 28 “touches” within a 2-month period, says founder Katrina Sawa.

Have a website, send thank yous when you meet with someone, make a monthly call to places you’d love to work whether they advertise or not, send Christmas cards to everyone you can think of from the past year.

Get out there. Touching, isn’t it?

When do you stop? I would say a restraining order would be a clue.

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