Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some companies getting loosy-goosy

Even in this mess, some companies are leaning over backwards to help employees fit work into their busy lifestyles.

Balance is the key word.

Bob Crachit would not recognize the work world these days (except for the tightfistedness, maybe).

There is more telecommuting going on—some people work from home a few days a week. Our Chamber of Commerce gives everyone a PDA so they can work from anyplace.

Other companies compress the hours into fewer days—meaning more days off. This can mean 10 hrs over 4 days, 80 hours over 9 days, or “summer hours”—where an hour is added Mon-Thurs and people leave Fri at 1 PM.

Sometimes babies who are not at the crawling stage can come to work with Mom.

Still, I heard about another company that clamped down—no personal cells at work.

It could go either way, I guess. The goosy way is better. Employees are not kids. Lighten up.


Chuck Galle said...

Apropos Bob Cratchet, we tend to forget that Bob was working as an accountant at a time of gathering prosperity. Dickens misleads us suggesting he could not find employment elsewhere. His skills were highly marketable; one has to wonder why he stayed with this bristly old curmudgeon. But then, Dicken's wrote the story to fatten his own purse, and pandered to those who even way back then made victimhood their raison d'etre.

Star Lawrence said...

Just read a review of the book The Other Dickens--apparently Chas Dickens was mean, controlling, dumped his wife for some actress, turned nine of the 10 kids against his wife and described their life as a page that used to have writing on it, but was now blank. And to all a good night!