Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Style in the Age of Ruin

Jennifer Alfano writes about style in Harper’s Bazaar (Fall 2010).

True confession: I am wearing baby blue pop-it beads. Remember those—you can snap them apart and reconfig into a shorter necklace. Yup, still like them. And people recognize them—what they say about me after, I have no idea and don’t want to find out.

The author saw some woman in NY during Fashion Week epitomizing style to her—camel-hair coat, white pants, charcoal lace up booties, and a stainless steel watch.

This—to Alfano—was effortless style.

Some other women go the other way—she talks about one gal who wore a sheer black dress, boy briefs, and a long feather necklace as if it were jeans and a t-shirt.

Yes, not tugging at it or blushing would help a lot.

Chic women, she says, buy pieces they love—not need. A black leather and lace Givenchy mini was one example.

Chic women don’t throw old things out. One woman says she is more of a collector, than a shopper.

I am tempted OF COURSE to make some remarks here substituting Versace motorcycle pants for my extremely neutral, painfully neutral, faded black Roamans’s pants. My Burberry Porsum military coat is at the cleaners…you see what I could have said.

But the author is now back to the woman in the white pants and camel coat. Does this paragon think, oh, heck, these are still pretty clean and clap them on to go out and stun and amaze other women like this author?

Clothes should make you feel independent and in control. Whatever you wear, put it on, hope there are no stains and holes, and SELL IT, baby! Now that is chic.

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