Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weird ways to encourage house sales

Amy Hoak, WSJ, Dec 13, 2010, says people are getting more despera…inventive…in selling homes.

One emptied the rooms, hung a photo exhibit instead of staging, and invited people to browse. It kept people from walking through too quickly.

Of course, it was the Hamptons—would that work in your hood?

Others have hired feng shui experts.

Try sprinkling salt over the doorway.

People still bury a statue of St Joseph in the yard. Supposedly some nuns did this first in the 1500s—to get a place for their convent. It worked—but it was a medallion. Why the burying…who knows.

Some owners throw in a golf club membership or a car.

Or even a real sweet “sweetener”—chocolate-covered strawberries.

Some write a letter to buyers—about how happy they have been in the house, where they shop, people they met.

You could throw a party. They do that on SELLING NEW YORK for those over-the-top condos they are selling.

No place to bury St Joe in Tribeca, I guess.

1 comment:

rocky said...

Never got St Joe statue
Never got a returned phone call
Never got a returned email
Just took my money!