Friday, December 17, 2010

What to wear

New word I saw: Bleisure. Business + leisure – get it?

People don’t leave work behind anymore and take “fake-cations” where they still connect with their devices, so what to wear, what to wear.

I am combining the above neat words (credited to TripAdvisor) with a story on the Swiss Bank UBS’s new dress code (Elena Berton, WSJ, Dec 16, 2010).

Apparently, they sort of got into “Swiss Boarding School” advice on hygiene. It’s 43 pages!

Some samples…Keep your suit buttons closed (you are wearing a suit, of course). Touch up your hair roots (except men—no Grecian or any other country Formula). Use a large padded hanger to keep your suit shoulders fluffed.

Don’t eat garlic or onions. Don’t smoke or go in smoky places.

Don’t wear cuff links.

Don’t wear too short socks that show your leg.

Don’t add more perfume at lunch.

No long nails—length in millimeters specified. No nail art, of course.

Don’t wear new shoes.

For men, no stylish stubble.

So I guess people shouldn’t be sexy, either!

They shouldn’t? I was afraid of that. I like my bankers sexy. The photo here would be a good hint of where I am heading here.

UBS—what does that stand for—U Big Silly?

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