Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yipes, you don’t really really like me

Jennifer A. Johnson wrote for the Arizona Republic on how you should handle a bad performance review.

I gather one should not get defensive like I did recently when a new-to-me editor at Northwestern Univ did not like my rewrite and sort of fired me. OK, did fire me. At least, I would be highly surprised to hear from him again—and the check is taking its time, too.

Jennifer writes that I should not have gotten defensive, but she does say it’s a pretty natural reaction. Yes, it came right to mind!

Listen to the challenges (I am hating that phony word these days) and don’t overlook the positive things that were said is her advice.

Don’t discuss your review with coworkers—oops, look what I am writing. In an office, this can race around like a bad game of “telephone.” I am sure the internet is different.

Don’t wallow in misery—craft a plan of action. Ask the boss to help you with those darn challenges.

Ask for specifics if you don’t understand the review.

Don’t take it personally, Jennifer says.

What? How can we not? She means, though, don’t take it as a knock on your popularity or likability—just your performance.

Well, gosh—that’s OK then.

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