Friday, January 21, 2011

Bosses and raises

Jonathan Ingram, CareerBuilder, says sometimes you need to ask when it comes to money. Many people are still working—they need money—deserve merit “bumps.”

Ingram says the time to bring this up is review day.

Ramon Greenwood, author of “How to Get a Raise and Not Shoot Yourself in the Foot,” says if the review went well, you need to strike. Be armed with examples of how you have made or saved the company money and advanced its goals.

Still, they may say no—or “later.” But making your case puts you in the forefront.

Don’t cry hardship—this never works.

Know whether the company can afford it.

Never “demand.”

Be nice. Be diplomatic.

I would add—Never say “Jim Jones just got 10%.” They hate it when employees compare notes.

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