Friday, January 28, 2011

Brain drain

And now—science pubs!

Tracy Loew, USA TODAY, says you can get some pretty decent info while having a nice cocktail at a science pub.

Hey, we’re going to drink anyway in this economy, right? Might as well learn something.

Loew cites Brown’s Towne Lounge in Salem, OR. A hundred people came to hear about behavioral endocrinology while quaffing a brew.

Welcome to the science café movement. One hundred fifty cities have these. Some get going through, so check that out.

The restaurateurs fill up non-peak hours with paying customers and the smarties get time off for good behavior and get to go out.

We used to have a weekly meetup for people who worked at home. This was back in DC. The pizza joint threw in a couple of pies and charged Happy Hour prices.

That was fun. I miss it. I tried it out here in AZ, but the members all got “real”jobs. This was years ago, when people got jobs.

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