Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here come the headhunters again

No, don’t be scared—this is good! Or could be.

Joe Light writes about this in the WSJ, Jan 18, 2011.

Recruiters are getting off the computer and the third-party job boards like CareerBuilder and Monster, and instead of sorting through tons of online submissions, are actively seeking candidates.

Of course, they may be seeking on Linked In or another site.

They are trying to find people that suit the opening.

Monster is not hurting, though—because others out of a job are coming back to life and posting. In fact, the site may start matching resumes better with the needs of recruiters.

You know all those apps you sent in and never heard back? Apparently, some brain trusts figured out you might be a customer of the company and being ignored might tick you off.

I don’t really know the significance of all this—what do you think?

Remember—if a headhunter does contact you, they are not like an agent for you—they work for the employer and if you won’t fit the opening they have, they will drop you.

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