Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jobs that can't be outsourced

Lest you conclude that the jobs that can’t be outsourced all involve bedpans, there are others that can’t be done in India.

Famous athlete or actor. Those are pretty secure—for a few years, anyhow.

Firefighter. This is close-in work.

Heating and air technician. In AZ, we love our air conditioning guys. Landscaper is another. Bug guys—it’s not like you can get Billy the Exterminator from Louisiana. (More’s the pity.) Plumber—yeah, try sending that toitie to Sri Lanka.

Cop. Yup, have to be nearby.

Interior decorator. I see some of this done through websites, but generally, you have to be in the same town with the house or office.

Mining. Obviously you need to be where the mine is.

Physical therapist. Same. Hands-on.

Primary care doctor. Yup, same. They do send out x-rays and CTs, though. Home health aide, nurse, etc—same, can’t do it from afar.

Attorney. Well, someone does have to come to court, but I just found out a big firm here that advertises is not even here.

Others, people? Let’s make it impossible to let the rest of the world undercut us.

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