Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Espanol?

I sort of wanted to learn another language (my taking German in HS and college did not end prettily).

My sister and I bought a course—"South American Spanish." She doesn’t want to do it because it isn’t Mexican Spanish, if there even is such a course…Spanglish? Anyhow, there it stands.

If you do speak more than one language, though—it’s an asset in this economy. Spanish and Chinese are going to be huge!

The University of Phoenix Institute interviewed 511 worker and 419 employers. The employers were asked what skills would be in demand in 10 yrs.

42% of the employers said Chinese would be in moderate or high demand.

Nearly 70% said Spanish!

But—don’t get too excited. When the workers were polled, 80% said it was somewhat or very unlikely they’d be learning enough Chinese to conduct business. Nearly 60% said no to Spanish.

A coach said it’s easier to find jobs for people with non-Romance languages, such as Chinese or Russian.

They get paid more, too.

Well, caramba!

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