Monday, January 10, 2011

Other Depression survivors can lend advice

My mother’s father built a house in the Milwaukee suburbs with his own hands, but in the 1930s, could not move his family in—had to sell it. My mother says he had a breakdown.

But when I met him, he was not broken down. It had passed.

Life is suffering. Believe me on this.

John Bussey writes about his own dad in the WSJ, Jan 7, 2011. His father, 91, is fine in a small apartment.

He buys the Value brands I have mentioned before—look for them, they are fine, most of them. He puts a lot of water in the dish soap—it lasts and lasts. I do that!

Did you also know you can only fill up one side of the dishwasher cups and it also cleans perfectly?

Bussey’s dad used to live in rooming houses, he worked in carnivals. He also went to college and worked in Army intelligence. His austerity comes naturally and is no biggie.

He still uses a cereal bowl from grade school. As far as he can see, it works just like it always did.

I have sheets Mom gave me when I went to college. No holes. They are fine and quite pretty.

I believe the world economy is re-setting to a lower level. We can do more with less. Americans have always been inventive.

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