Thursday, January 27, 2011

This should go without saying

CareerBuilder says some job hunters are still clueless.


Hug the hiring manager on your way out.

Eat all the candy in the bowl.

Bad-mouth your spouse (or former boss).

Blow your nose and line up the used tissue on the desk.

Bring a diploma with the name whited out. (Or bring a diploma at all.)

Wear a hat that says, “Take This Job and Shove It.”

Talk about how you had an affair in your last job and got fired for it.

Throw an empty beer can in the receptionist’s trash.

Have a friend stick his or her head in and say, “How much longer?”

Answer a cell or text during an interview.

Appear uninterested. 69% of managers said they had seen this one.

Chew gum.

Ask stupid questions. I was once asked, “How long is lunch hour?”

As I said, why did I have to do all this typing, but I guess I did.

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