Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We don't need no stinking morale

Some companies care about their employees and actually try to lift their spirits.

I KNOW. Weird.

Anyhow, some companies seem to kind of miss the mark. For instance, Publicis Dialog, as described on Spark Media Solutions, tried to get people to work overtime by issuing “Passion Points." Any employee, say a supervisor, could give these to any other one. Get 10 of these things and you could maybe get a totebag from the company.

Another company at the last minute decided to give a big donation to charity—the owner’s favorite, complete with giant check. This was instead of bonuses.

At another company party, some people got little certificates printed on the laser printer. No check.

One company brought in a clown. Hello?

Big reward for top sellers? A trip to Vegas! If your spouse didn’t come, you got a roommate.

If you think your company’s morale needs boosting, this could mean it does. Be very, very careful. Sometimes the best morale-builder is for the boss to quit.

I remember back when I had a real job, they put in a Suggestion Box. That boosted morale. Three weeks later they removed it and the subject was never discussed.

I often wonder about that.

Here’s tip: Money boosts morale. If the boss is a lunatic, getting rid of that person is also good.

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