Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Break out the programmer chow

Joe Light, WSJ, Feb 7, 2011, says some companies are hiring, but can’t find the right matches.

This mess is patchy, let’s face it. You may have a desired specialty but there may be no openings in your area—and you can’t move because your house is not salable.

A lot of the desired skills are technical or specifically, engineering.

You know that Android phone (I wish these people would call me to name their stuff)? One company, Gowalla, wanted to do an app but could not find the people to do it inhouse.

Now, they will hire computer engineers with skills and train them in their specific needs.

Anyone with any smarts may get several offers.

The social media site Meebo in Mountain View needs software engineers and sales execs right now. They say they would always take a good JavaScript engineer or analytics person. Standing order.

The Conference Board says that if all the people whose last job was in computers got a new position, there would still be 350,000 openings.

The java is hot—in more ways than one.

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