Monday, February 7, 2011

Delta agents get schooled

What with the snow closings and strip searches, things are getting tense at airports.
Delta is rated last in customer service, so it’s sending its 11,000 agents back for a refresher in not being part of the problem.

Scott McCartney (WSJ, Feb 3, 2011) says the emphasis is on making each encounter personal, being empathetic, listening, asking, then listening again, and solving the problem together with the customer.

I hope that eliminates the stern, “Ma’am…ma’am….I am TRYING to tell you…”

Most often, Delta says, people say they are not heard—no one will listen.

In the classes, agents role-play and try to solve a problem rather than get rid of the flyer or shunt the problem aside.

They are also told not to throw the company under the bus and say, for example, “Yeah. these fees are awful.”

If someone is racing to the gate, the are told to start the rebooking rather than let the flyer hobble all across the airport for nothing.

If a customer misses a wedding or a cruise, maybe they should have gone a day early, but don’t say that.

By the way, a lot of time is spent on catering to the top flyers—but that is only logical.

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