Friday, February 4, 2011

Do you need a house to fall on you?

Ice dams. Well, damn!

Gwendolyn Bounds, WSJ, Feb 3, 2011, says these filthy disgusting big storms are sending homeowners to the hospital—and not just for shoveling heart attacks.

When snow keeps piling up on your roof, melts a little, gets icy, more snow falls, it can let loose and smack you in the head. One guy needed 3 staples. Stuff can also lurk in trees and get heavier and heavier—and here you come, nice and innocent, and blammo!

Ice dams collect along the edges of a roof—and you can guess the rest. If it doesn’t fall, it can also force water back up under shingles—also not good.

Some people buy long roof rakes. Electrical ice-melting systems are also the rage.

One roofer makes $100,000 a season as a roof ice cutter.

Going up to shovel the roof yourself can result in a fall. It’s slippery up there!

But you have to do something. In most cases, it’s required by law.

Most new homes have more insulation and dams don’t form.

Don’t count on it, though.

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