Monday, February 21, 2011

Girl Scout or government operative?

I loved scouting as a kid—and even a junior counselor.

So I am mixed on a recent story by Elaine Pittman in Emergency Management on how the Girl Scouts are partnering with the Dept of Homeland Security and FEMA to create a “preparedness” credential—to ingrain disaster preparedness—into young people.

The Scout spokesman said being prepared has been part of the credo since 1912.

Being prepared, maybe—but preparedness? The latter seems to have a whiff of terrorism, fatal disaster, fear, or even paranoia.

Or is that my personal problem?

This is designed to interest girls in emergency management and response.

The three keys to leadership in the scouts are discover, connect, take action.

The girls get to know the police, city planners, and responders.

They ask the girls to have an emergency planning mindset—whether they are going for Ice cream or camp.

“Don’t be scared, be prepared.” That’s the motto.

One exercise was to show how fast you can get a germ on your hand. They rubbed colored oil on their hands, tinted with Jell-O powder, and kept shaking hands and seeing how the colors wove on there..

Wonder if Jell-O knew about that one?

I guess if they are not asking people for their green cards, turning in suspicious characters in their nabes, or having nightmares of disasters this is OK, but it still creeps me out a little.

On the other hand, I did a “glass” badge and got cut. Life can be full of surprises.

Kids these days. They get not scared so fast.

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