Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to get good deals


You can ask anybody anything—they don’t have to answer, tell the truth, do what you want or be nice, but you can ask.

Redbook recently had a story on how to get a great travel deal. You could go online and compare prices, it said, but a recent survey in Consumer Reports shows that asking worked better.

Right before you leave, check hotel and car rates. If you are signed up to pay more, ask for the lower rate.

Tell clerks you are on a special trip—birthday, anniversary, or even funeral.

If you arrive late, you may get a better deal.

One woman signs up for the cheapest room, then when she gets there, says she would love to see the hotel at its best, did they have a room with a view? Sometimes you get transferred without a charge.

Be nice. A clerk may take pity on you.

Even complain nicely—it could pay off.

Not that I go anyplace—but still this is good advice.

My daughter and I had a fabulous time in San Francisco once—we had been kept out of a bar we had always wanted to go to because she was 18, not 21. She cried. We went to a different restaurant and the waiter asked what was wrong—we told him. He said, “Why, goodness, I would never have known you were not 21.” He handed her the drinks menu without further comment.

It made the whole trip—that chocolate martini! Her first.

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