Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to repair your reputation

I was on Linked In the other day and we were discussing the bad freelance marketplace and one of the guys who had been saying he could not get work suddenly launched into a psychotic rant…whoa, no wonder he couldn’t get work.

I left the discussion and may leave the group.

But what if you are in a job and do something wacky or make a bad mistake—say for the sake of argument you are not so far gone that you know you screwed up.

Once you have played the “bad form,” “bad skills” or “bad judgment” card, it’s hard to climb back.

Leadership guru Terry R Bacon was quoted by Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, as saying if no one defends you, you may have a problem.

First, you can try apologizing. Don’t make excuses—just explain.

Do not deny it—people never forgive that.

Be sure you don’t do it again—this will be remembered.

And try to redeem yourself with good works or an anger management class or something.

A single slip does not a D-bag make.

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