Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is it possible to plan your life?

Which Beatle said, “Life is what happens while you are making plans”? I don’t remember—maybe Paul? Anyhow, how planned is life?

My sister told me my present troubled business life is my fault for “choosing” such a "dumb" profession (writing).

First, it chose me. Secondly, I reject that it’s dumb—it’s just that others who buy creative services have jiggered this around now so they get them free or almost free from abroad or from desperate American writers.

My daughter has not worked in three years—she used to love interior design, but does not have a degree and now doesn’t profess to “love” anything.

Do people take aptitude tests anymore? I heard about a site called www. strengthsfinder,com, but you have to get a book or a password or something to find yourself.

Readers—do you know of any others like this?

What about life coaches—has anyone tried one? What do they do for you? Who can afford them—I know we can’t.

What brought all this to mind was a entry I had planned to write on what jobs you could get in expanding industries. The jobs were: insurance underwriter, finance officer, market researcher, manufacturer’s agent, financial services agent, shipping clerk, power plant operator, and solar equipment installer. And one more…freight agent.

Freight agent—what little kid did not fleetingly want to be a train engineer—but a freight agent?

Oh, boy—paperwork!


Anonymous said...

Very, very useful (but unfortunately expensive) -- Johnson-O'Connor. http://www.jocrf.org/

I know a woman who thought that because she loved words and language, she might do well to become a librarian.

Then someone convinced her to go to Johnson-O'Connor.

They were able to demonstrate (by drawing out her own abilities) that she would be great as an engineer. For example, she had no idea how good her ability to visualize 3-D was. That's important for architects, engineers, surgeons.

She thought she was bad at math. But that was just 'social conditioning' from schools in the 80s etc.

And she is doing that. Finishing a bachelor's degree at a 'technical' school, including math-physics-etc, all the hard stuff. And doing very well.

Also working part-time at a national laboratory as a technician -- in microelectronics.

Star Lawrence said...

Thanks for posting this.