Friday, February 25, 2011

"New" plane landing

Scott McCartney, WSJ, Feb 24, 2011, says the new Boeing 737 is being billed as the latest in aluminum couture.

My, aren’t we twee?

Boeing remodeled the inside—don’t get too excited. This thing has been around since 1967.

The overhead storage bins are at angle, so you can stand without hitting your head.

The windows are the same size, but tricked out to look bigger.

Still..the seats are not more butt-friendly and the leg room is…sadly…the same.

So far, Continental is the only carrier to fly these, but American is getting some.

Oh—the ceiling lights give a “cathedral feel.” Is that for praying you don’t crash?

Apparently they focus-grouped this a lot! And no one said make the seats wider? No way!

Well, the lights can change colors—when you approach Fiji, I guess they can turn on the peachy sunset lights to get you in the mood.

Like I am ever approaching Fiji.

PS Those seats in the picture? Not them.

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