Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They say all the jobs will be in health care

Of course, if no one can get work with health insurance attached and is depressed and sick over it and can’t pay, who will pay all these people?

As it is, I saw this morning that women are only getting one in 20 of the "new” jobs being “created.”


But recently CareerBuilder outlined the health jobs that will be needed. First, because we are all going to renounce fast food, dietitians and nutritionists will be needed. These work in hospitals and schools and usually have a BA and must pass licensing exams. The median average wage is $50,000.

Recreation therapist is another. These use crafts and other activities to help patients regain skills and recover. Pays around $38,000.

Nursing home administrators will be in great demand. These people manage staff, programs, and finances, with a financial degree or at least a BA. The pay can average $61,000.

Clinical lab technicians made around $50,000 and conduct tests.

Medical records technicians know computers and usually have an associate’s degree, pulling down around $30,000.

A pharmacist mixes and dispenses drugs and counsels patients. Some college plus a PharmD degree, and must be licensed. Average salary is $106,000.

Registered nurses provide care and advice. There can be subspecialties, but basically a degree is required or a diploma from an accredited hospital program. The pay is around $63,000.

A health information manager uses computers and has a grad degree in health services administration, although sometimes a BA is enough. Think $65,000-$132,000.

A health care administrator runs the business side of a hospital or medical practice. A business-related degree is needed and usually a graduate degree is good.

These a good, probably "permanent" jobs, but wouldn't you say the pay is not exactly Goldman Sachs?

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