Tuesday, March 15, 2011


AOL is even more lost than people say. First, they give some Zsa Zsa wannabee a ton of money and then they fire 20% of the workforce.

Hey, AOL, you are still taking my money as a Internet provider—so provide! This means India and no more days like last Thurs when I could not get on the internet. All day—could not get on with YOUR browser.

Everyone has told me to get rid of AOL—more than 25 yrs now…but I keep it because it does not go down. Until last Thurs, that is.

I don’t want a free yahoo address—I think those look tacky. Hotmail—worse.

Now I hate subsidizing Arianna—who does not pay her writers at Fluffpo.

What to do, what to do…


srdem65 said...

Yikes, I thought it was my computer going into meltdown and it was AOL's fault? Dirty rats!

Ol' AiryHuffPO spreads the leftist power to the people meme while she is stealing from her employees(not paying) and acting like the worst of the corporate pigs she guts every day on her site.

Star Lawrence said...

Yup--exploiter. Who'da thunk?

newsy1 said...

But, dahlink! You do not need to get paid to work for me you get "exposure."

Star Lawrence said...

LOL. Which, as we embittered scribes like to say, is illegal in all states.