Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are you letting your story out?

My website is a minute-by-minute rendition of my day—so people can get to know the amazingly weird and (I hope they see) talented train wreck that is moi.

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Anite Bruzzese wrote about this recently. Not the train wreck, but about telling your own story.

She talked to Peter Gruber, the producer of The Color Purple and Batman, among other movies.

You need to create an emotional connection. You aim for the heart.

Even high tech-ers need to do this, he says—tap into something human. Spreadsheet won’t make someone act—but saying, “I see you are from St. Louis—I was raised in Kirkwood,” might.

He claims you an make such a connection through Twitter—I don’t know. I am waiting for whatever comes after Twitter. I did think of creating a Twitter account for the Great Blue Heron (below), but thought better of it.

Energy and authenticity—make sure your audience is with you.

And, I would add—wants to be with you for some time. Like all the time you work there.

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