Monday, March 28, 2011

The bird...the bird is the word

I do try to be plucky most days. But a few weeks ago, I was watching TV and saw a Great Blue Heron standing on the patio—apparently heading for our fish pond.

The thing was almost 5 feet tall. I can barely see anymore, but his yellow rimmed eye, gimlet-sharp and beady, was visible to me. And he was bold! I went to the glass door and opened it before he foomped up into the air. Seven foot wingspan.

Later that day, my daughter came home and screamed, “Mom! There is a HUGE bird outside.”

THEN…I was listening to a Dean Koontz audiobook and it mentioned a Great Blue Heron! All too weird.

I went to that famous avian authority Google and it seems GBH’s are a sign of wisdom if you are a Native American. Apparently, you have to be wise already to figure out what he or she is trying to say. We weren’t.

About a week later—two more sightings, sitting on our roof, then later, almost walking into my kid’s bedroom through an open patio door.

Hmmm, where were the fish? Under the lilies…? Um…No…

“That bird ate them all!” pronounced my daughter, never charmed by this creature.

I read up some more—only 10%, one pond person said, of all fish lost are eaten by GBHs. Ten percent? That’s a lot! I thought about a Scare Heron—someone suggested a rubber snake. Then I found some pix of GBHs with snakes in their beaks (above).

We are trying a few more fish—a few. Feeder goldfish. Doesn’t that sound ominous? Funny note, though, on another pond site, the owner pointed out that all fish were basically designed to be eaten.

Now THAT’s wisdom!

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