Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Communicating big part of business

You are only going to remember one thing from this post.

Diana Middleton, WSJ, Mar 3, 2011, says business schools are emphasizing writing and

Good! I recently took a webinar from the govt and the slides were so packed with stuff they could have been a white paper.

I can say words like “stuff” because I am a trained communicator, you know.

Many business students know too much—they don’t know what to leave out.

Apparently, too, essay scores on tests are falling. Could it be the influx of international students?

Digital communications may be harming writing, too. That 140-character thing. Ya think?

Wharton is doubling its communications coursework to 12 classes starting in 2012.

Writing coaches may doublecheck work already checked by business professors. Now that says something right there.

Business students LOVE the ten-dollar words—edifice instead of building, utilize instead of use, etc.

Business writers often cannot get to the point—they start with qualifiers or background.

They emphasize how they arrived at their conclusions to show they are good analysts.

Remember—people will only “get” one thing you said. Probably, in the case of this post, it will be that people will only get one thing you said.

So here’s a tip--write that first.


srdem65 said...

One of my reads is SultanKnish.blogspot.com. and is a good example of your point. By the time you get to the third paragraph of the Knish blog, the message is getting blurred with references to the past.
He writes well, but too much.

Star Lawrence said...

Sultan, huh? Let me check it out.

Star Lawrence said...

Check this out--how to unsuck it!