Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do NOT put these things on your res

I guess people are still doing resumes—as the years click by, I feel like so many people have given up on this economy, resumes may be old school by now, but I guess not.

Kelly Eggers, WSJ, Mar 16, 2011, says a 2010 Accountemps survey showed that 28% of execs think resumes are the place most job seekers take a wrong turn. Twenty-eight percent—not even a third—doesn’t seem too large an opinion to me, but whatever.

First, don’t put unnecessary details about your life. Age, race, politics, relatives, weight, height—leave off. (Possible exception—if the job is for a cause, tell how you have served the cause.)

Forget your summer experience in high school. Keep it to the last 15 years. The US Govt only requires the last 10 yrs.

Do not put a picture on there. Unless this is a modeling job.

Don’t list salary expectations, unless it’s asked for—then give a range.

Don’t lie on your resume. Fine line between embellishment and lies. Find it. Don’t cross it.

Confidential info from a former employer is a no-no.

If you were fired for cause, don’t baldly state that. If they ask, don’t lie.

Never put “references available on request.” Hokey McPokey. So over with. Of course, you will provide them—this goes without saying. So don't.

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