Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Falling out of love with Walmart?

We have no car and live a few blocks from Walmart—do the math. We shop there—but also at another walking distance supermarket.

The prices at Walmart are way lower. But the other store carries a few things we like that Walmart does not have.

But Walmart has been losing customers for two years. The lower income people (like us) have been pushed lower. They also have made mistakes in pricing. Yes—Walmart!

I would say the 99-cent and dollar stores have also hurt.

They did not have a great holiday season, either.

For now, customers are not flocking back due to the lowering of prices again.

You might want to give it another try, though—a lot of items they cut are now back and prices are plunging throughout the store.

Plunging is a good thing in prices. Not so great in budgets.

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