Friday, March 11, 2011

Forget the pomp--do the circumstance

Some kids are still ponying up for college—and I am jealous because my own child decided not to go.

Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, writes on CareerBuilder that the college kids are fixated on end-of-year festivities and papers and haven’t focused on how big and bad the big, bad world is.

The career service people at schools don’t really put them in the picture, either, one recruiter says.

Some students, she adds, won’t even talk to a recruiter unless they get a present. They want to be courted.

Reality check.

Experienced workers are after the same jobs grads used to get.

Some kids have put in some apps, but aren’t networking.

The advice—put your emphasis not so much on exams but on job-hunting.

Cultivate referrals. Forget blind contacts—those anonymous mass mailings to people on Linked In.

If you go to a career fair, find out first which companies will be there. Google them. Be informed.

And you may not get your dream job. Think stepping stone—not dream.

Statistics show a person of college age will have seven careers--not just seven jobs.


srdem65 said...

My grand-daugher is working on her advanced degree in "sports management". ??
I dared ask where one gets a job with that major degree and was brushed off as a cranky old person.
It seems that many college students are pursuing degrees in fields that either don't have any openings or have too many applicants with better resumes than working at Wendy's during the summer break.

A commercial truck driver can earn as much as $75K a year with benefits and only has to have a clean driving record and speak English. It's a crap job, but it's a well-paying job. College isn't always the answer.

Star Lawrence said...

I agree...My kid has an interest in interior design--or did--until the designer in the work-study prog in HS laid everyone off and my kid lost heart. I still think she could get a job in a design firm, apprentice, assist, something...but she needs motivation. She has no car now--so going to a non-walking job is a problem, even with our weird bus system. And Mom and Dad, StDem, asking what use is this...well, I have not found that to work too well...