Friday, March 18, 2011

If you started a biz, could you hire you?

Jahna Berry, AZ Republic, Mar 13, 2011, says more people are becoming entrepreneurs when they can’t find work. Might as well.

Happened to me—32 years ago.

Each month in 2010, a third of one percent of adults started a business.

Yet, the number of businesses with more than one person working there has dropped.

Self-employed—or self-employer—but not employer of others.

Latinos are in the lead in starting businesses. Asians were next. Whites and African-Americans declined in the business-starting business.

Having an incorporated company, with payroll obligations, is a big step. Will this step gradually be taken?

I think so—because the whole nature of work and working is rapidly changing.

Rapidly--that's an understatement.


srdem65 said...

The new work force is going underground. If you know someone who knows someone, you can get anything done.
My someone knew someone who used to work for a heating/cooling company; got my air conditioner fixed for $75 (in cash).
Same with a dripping faucet and a major repair job, there's someone out there making their own way.

Star Lawrence said...

Very big out here--yes. I am tellin' ya--pretty soon this is going to be Water World without the water.

srdem65 said...

Read your comment about the WaPo and I agree. I guess somebody has to pay the freight for the 'free' newspapers.
Just for fun and some suprisingly good comments; Newsbird'sViews
or Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog

Star Lawrence said...
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