Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jobs--remember those?

Notice how the govt veers away from tiresome old job talk—they have no idea what to do and all their buds in the corporations have followed their financial hearts to countries with lower corp tax rates. Ours is 35%, except for clever cos like GE, who pay nothing and even end up with a credit for next year.

60 Minutes laid it out last Sunday—hundreds of companies have their headquarters in Switzerland, Ireland, and other places and do the work there because if they bring the money back to pay people here they would have to pay taxes on it.

Well, isn’t that special?

So what do WE do—I guess move. We Can’t even sell houses or cheeseburgers to each other anymore.

The Arizona Republic came up with some jobs with global appeal. So…let’s see…We could “become":

Quality control inspectors. $15 an hour.

Machinist--#13 to $21 an hour.

Cargo agent, between $14 and $23 an hour.

Assembler—about the same.

Commercial or industrial designer, now we’re talking, as much as $76K.

How about that woman on 60 Minutes who “ran” the office of a big company in Zug, Switzerland. She seemed to be alone in the office. Pretty easy money.

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