Monday, March 21, 2011

Like a fine wine--do you travel well?

The WSJ had a story Monday on couples deciding where to retire.

How about the bedroom?

Out here AZ way, a lot of people can’t sell their house and move anyplace.

But some have two houses—one back east or Midwest for coolness sake in summer, one here for golf in winter.

The latter have so-called retirement figured out.

The problem is—retirement may not even be a goal anymore. We are experiencing rapid changes in our life patterns and economy.

So what we need to look at what we will do when we are “stove in,” as my sister likes to put it—laid up with aches and pains or worse.

The WSJ story highlighted couples that never talked about “the future” much. Turned out, the husband wanted to live downtown and walk to the library. The wife wanted to practice medicine in a poor village. Hmmmm…kind of a difference.

For me, I moved out here to help take care of Mom and get my kid out of the DC schools. It has not been ideal for me. For one thing, I didn’t transplant well—maybe some don’t when they are older.

You should consider that, too—before leaving your friends and haunts behind.

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