Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Managers I have known

How come the managers I have had in the past were mercurial time-bomb types waiting to go off, ruling by fear, inconsistent, drinkers, and blame-shifters?

Just lucky?

CareerBuilder says to be an effective manager, you should build relationships—not a pool of scapegoats.

You should set goals. The number one goal is NOT to make you look good. (They might do it, though, if you are not a total tool.)

Be popular and make your staff believe you will take care of them—not backstab them and put them in front of the tank.

And don’t be afraid to delegate. Well, these people had that one down—never do yourself what others can do for you.

Aw, just kidding. More or less.

I thought I was becoming bitter, then I ate a Cadbury egg, which raised sweetness to the level of pain. All better.

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